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  1. Commit to changing your lifestyle. Stop dieting.  Stop chasing fads & gimmicks.
  2. Watch on your schedule, in private:
  • Two motivational videos a week
  • Two insightful videos a week on eating
  • Daily 30-minute exercise video that is new each day. They start at a beginner level and gradually get more challenging as you improve.
  1. Gain a new life filled with:
  • Self-confidence
  • Compliments
  • Energy & Vitality

Do you want to know why The Get Started Losing Weight Program works?


It’s not another diet, it’s a lifestyle. You will not deprive yourself of the foods that you love the most. This program was designed for you by former overweight people. They understand your frustrations and challenges, but also your desire to have a new life. Avoid mistakes and get real solutions.

Your life is different on the other side of the scale!

Here is a dirty little secret:  When you are overweight, you think about yourself differently, others think about you differently too.  Our society treats fit & healthy people differently, but you also conduct yourself differently.  Weight loss positively impacts your entire life!


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Look Better in Your Clothes

Feel More Energized

Have Better Relationships

Look at Life Differently

Feel Control

Have Better Sex

Look Healthy

Feel Powerful

Have More Success

What do you get with The Get Started Losing Weight Program?

All you need is The Get Started Losing Weight Program.
Achieving your weight-loss goals has never been easier.

We Are Here For You

An emotional mindset system that helps you stay on track for success.  Through 16 personally inspired videos, to help develop motivational strategies, behavioral shifts, and goal setting. These are CRUCIAL points to lose weight and keep it off. Be inspired to win the next 56 days and discover the new you.

Simple & Effective Meal Plan

With the combination of our complete meal plan and
30 minutes of exercise each day, you will know exactly
what to do and when to do it.
No more guesswork.


New Videos Everyday

56 (1 new workout everyday) 30-minute exercise videos that take you from a beginner and progressively increase intensity and types of workouts with you as your fitness ability increases. No more plateaus with performing the same workouts each week.


Real People Just Like You. Achieving Real Results.

This program is for anyone who is tired of failed diets and is finally ready to achieve the goal of feeling better and look amazing! Best of all
WE MOTIVATE you EACH DAY to get closer to the NEW YOU.


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I Want To Get Started Losing Weight!

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Try the program for 14 days and if its not working for you we will  refund 100% of your investment – the $24.95 registration fee .  No sticks or gimmicks just like the diet.

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