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Here’s What You Do


  1. Commit to changing your lifestyle. Stop dieting.  Stop chasing fads & gimmicks.
  2. Watch on your schedule in private:
  • Two motivational videos a week
  • Two insightful videos a week on eating
  • Daily 30-minute exercise video that is new each day. They start at a beginner level and gradually get more challenging as you improve.
  1. Gain a new life filled with:
  • Self-confidence
  • Compliments
  • Energy & Vitality

Do you want to know why The Get Started Losing Weight Program works?


This program was designed for you by former overweight people.  They understand your frustrations and challenges, but also your desire to have a new life.  Jump start your weight loss journey by avoiding the mistakes they made.

Your life is different on the other side of the scale!

Here is the dirty little secret:  Our society treats fit & healthy people differently than overweight people.  But did you also know that overweight people act differently due to a lack of self-confidence and vitality.  Extra pounds reduce your quality of life.  Weight loss positively impacts your entire life!


Get Your Sexy Back!

Would a More Self-Confident You Have a Different Life?

Look Better in Your Clothes

Feel More Energized

Have Better Relationships

Look at Life Differently

Feel Control

Have Better Sex

Look Healthy

Feel Powerful

Have More Success

What do you get with The Get Started Losing Weight Program?

The program addresses the 3 ‘E’s’ of transformative weight loss. Achieving your weight-loss goals has never been easier.

Motivation & Will Power

The emotional E is the key to your success so be inspired to discover the new you.



Research has shown that the key to a successful weight loss program is the emotional mindset of the participant.  The program first and foremost focuses on giving you motivation and will power to succeed.  It does this in 3 ways:

  1. Start every week with an inspirational video to keep you in the motivational mindset.
  2. Receive a daily brain trigger to help you stay focused and sustain your will power to overcome temptations so that you succeed in your weight loss journey.
  3. Wrap up every week with an encouraging video that reflects on your accomplishments to keep you on the right path for success.


Transformative weight loss is about changing your habits.  The program gives you two videos every week to help you change your eating habits.  This is NOT about starvation or expensive, time consuming meal plans but rather realistic ways to cut calories by making smarter decisions.  The videos teach you how to challenge your eating habits and to think about food differently.  This is NOT a short-term, fad diet but a lifestyle shift.


Simple & Realistic Plan


56 Days of Transformation


The ONLY program that starts at a beginner level and every week gradually increases in intensity, so that you can grow with the program.  Everyday you receive a 30-minute video from personal trainers Alex & Avril Baxter, so you can get fit on your schedule in the privacy of your own space.  You learn upper body, lower body and cardiovascular moves to increase muscle tone.  You also get kickboxing routines and days of stretching and yoga, so that you can have fun and gain flexibility.


Real People Just Like You. Achieving Real Results.

This program is for anyone who is tired of failed diets and is finally ready to achieve the goal of feeling better and look amazing! Best of all
WE MOTIVATE you EACH DAY to get closer to the NEW YOU.


Stop procrastinating! Stop wasting money on gimmicks! Stop cheating yourself out of the life you deserve! Get Started Losing Weight now and change your life! SIGN UP NOW!

I am really interested, but I want to know more about the people who designed the program


The Get Started Losing Weight Program Overview

That’s 90 videos to guide you on your weight loss journey PLUS…

  • Daily Brain Trigger to sustain your will power throughout the day
  • The Get Started Losing Weight Meal Plan & Guide
  • The Get Started Losing Weight Exercise Booklet
  • Private Facebook group for support & motivation

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